Defense Recruiting at Specialty Executives

Specialty Executives creates strategic relationships to better serve client needs by providing a full-service, global defense-focused, array of talent management services.

ONE YEAR 100% Replacement Guarantee

Specialty Executives Inc., invested 4 Million dollars in 2014 developing relationships with the candidates your team will never reach by conventional recruiting methods. Specialty Executives is so confident in the candidates we place that we are the ONLY RECRUITING FIRM IN THE WORLD to offer a ONE YEAR REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE on all candidates SEI places.

If the service relationship between you and the candidate is terminated we will work diligently to identify a replacement candidate at no additional cost to you.

Specialty Executive Inc., a company, a guarantee and candidates you can count on to deliver.
(Contact a company representative for full details on the One Year Replacement Guarantee)

Organizational Analysis Planning & Design

Organizational consulting custom designed to reflect your needs and goals, and to achieve specific results. Our projects typically include:

  • Understanding Corporate Goals: Defining and clarifying specific, tangible, measurable goals for the company, and the level of alignment and understanding of current goals within the management team.
  • Functional Process Definition / Process Improvements: Defining how key executive work is actually performed at the company, with recommendations for improvements or changes.
  • Organization Charts: Recommending alternative organizational arrangements, with a rationale explaining the reasoning for each configuration.
  • Position Specifications: Defining the performance objectives, performance evaluation criteria, and other qualifying factors for each key position on the team. These position specifications will serve you as business plans for each key employee.
  • Evaluations: Evaluation of the people in key management positions, with our opinion as to how well each person is qualified to meet the company’s goals, and recommendations for further action.
  • Observations & Recommendations: Our organizational consulting projects always enable us to provide critical insights to senior management about how their businesses can run more efficiently and productively. We include these recommendations at no extra cost.

Management Team Assessment

Consistent achievement of aggressive growth goals and other critical company objectives depends upon having solid leaders who are uniquely suited to the role they play, and who are capable of producing the essential results. We ensure that our clients can maximize productivity and profitability and optimize the results from executives in key positions. Assessment projects typically include:

  1. PERFORMANCE NEEDS OF COMPANY AND POSITION: Define the company’s critical goals, along with the specific, tangible results needed from each key individual. Develop performance measurement criteria to determine success. Discover the values and beliefs the successful candidate must possess to succeed in producing the desired outcomes, and to fit in the company’s culture. Create a performance-based position profile that defines the above issues for each critical management role.
  2. ASSESS KEY LEADERS ACCORDING TO POSITION PROFILE: Determine each incumbent’s ability to produce the essential results. Determine if the incumbent’s character and personality traits align with the demands of the position, and are well suited to interaction with other executives. Examine goals, priorities, motivation, work style, etc. to find areas of congruence or disagreement with the company’s current and future needs.
  3. RECOMMENDATIONS FOR ACTION: Provide senior management with specific advice, upon which decisions can be made about each key leader’s potential. Furnish specific strategies on how to maximize the effectiveness of key individuals. Advise management on organizational changes and adjustments that would prove beneficial to the company.

Keeping an ineffective individual in a key position can be costly, perhaps fatal to the efforts of a growing company. Using the PERFORMANCE-BASED MANAGEMENT ASSESSMENT to determine a key manager’s ability to produce essential results ensures that company owners will achieve their goals in a competitive market.

Candidate Sourcing Strategy

Our clients want access to the best candidates, even when they want to recruit on their own. This must include the “A” players that are now productive and satisfied (the so-called “passive” job seekers), who might be open to exploring a new opportunity. Specialty Executives provides expert consulting in candidate sourcing to help employers find these top performers. This typically includes the following:

  • Industry and Company Identification: Collaboration with employer to define key industry segments and specific companies from which the employer wants to see candidates.
  • Sourcing Road Map: Specific techniques that your recruiting team can use to identify and harvest ideal candidates.
  • Communications Campaign: We draft specific electronic communications, telephone scripts and other tools to ensure that your team will be completely effective in reaching and connecting with targeted prospects.
  • Training: We will train your recruitment team in “Headhunting 201sm” – how to recruit like a PRO.
  • Direct Recruitment: For clients without their own recruiting team, we can implement the strategic sourcing plan, monitor, track, report, and dramatically improve your results.

Compensation Planning

What is your ROI on compensation? Is your compensation plan designed to produce specific tangible results? Specialty Executives can help you implement a Performance-Based Compensation Program that dramatically enhances performance of your key management team, and even improves the performance of your rank and file employees. Our compensation projects can include:

  • Surveys: Find out what your competitors are doing, even in privately held companies. We conduct custom surveys designed to capture critical data that will enable you to adjust to your market and compete for top talent, without over-spending on personnel.
  • Incentive Compensation Planning: We will show you how to tie your evaluation process seamlessly into compensation. We design bonus plans that reward people for their specific ability to enhance your bottom line. Your key employees will like this form of compensation planning so much, it virtually guarantees improved retention, and ensures that you only pay for value received.

Recruitment Training

Headhunting 201SM (not 101 – because we know you aren’t an amateur) teaches your in-house recruitment team to do executive search like a PRO. We train our clients so well, many of them no longer need us to do search – they can do it themselves! Our training program typically includes:

  • Avoiding Mistakes: An overview of the most common recruiting errors – and how to use a best practices approach to recruitment.
  • Performance-Based Search System: In-depth review of our process, and why it works at each step. Sourcing: The “Active” recruiter can find the “passive” candidate – the top performer who is happy, productive, and NOT looking for a new job.
  • Evaluation: The critical screening and evaluation techniques that will predict success.
  • Closing: How to construct the right offer, and gain acceptance every time.
  • On-Boarding: How to facilitate the inbound transition to ensure a fast track to performance, and excellent retention.
  • Strategic Partner: How the recruiter can add value to every transaction and be an excellent internal resource to the employer.

Travis Thomas is available as a speaker on this critical topic.

Executive Coaching

Utilize our expert coaching for yourself, or for one of your key executive reports that might need a “tune up.” Using a results-oriented approach, we help executives to focus on priorities, set goals, and create an action plan for success that aligns with a balanced life. Coaching can be oriented toward greater effectiveness on the job, a career change, stress reduction, or your most critical issues.

We will find out what is really important to YOU, what resources you already have, what challenges you face, what actions you need to take, and what are the specific, tangible outcomes you desire.

Client coaching relationships start with an in-depth initial conversation to define your needs, set goals, and determine how we will proceed. Weekly or semi-weekly conversations and e-mail as needed will help you to consistently take action (and refine and adjust that action) to meet goals, and to STAY ON TRACK!

Clients have found that our coaching has helped them to focus on results, become congruent in their actions, make better decisions, make improvements in productivity and quality of relationships, and in some cases, turn their lives around. We’ve also been instrumental in helping people leverage their careers and obtain better positions.


Career Development

For executives in transition, or for those who are currently employed but wish to leverage their capability into a more rewarding career position, Specialty Executives offers executive career marketing and development consulting. Each program is custom designed for your unique needs, and typically includes:

  • Assessment of Transferable Skills: Defining the specific value you will add to your next employer. Identify Prospective…
  • Employers: Use precision targeting to identify the employers who align with your goals and can best utilize your talents.
  • Communications Tools: Most candidate inquiries, through every means of communication, fail. Let us show you how to get in the door, with specific letters, e-mails, resume format, and telephone scripts that will work for you.
  • Networking: Most executive positions really are not advertised, but created based on opportune connections. We’ll show you how to mount a successful networking campaign that has your friends (and even strangers) opening doors for you. Be part of the 5% of job seekers who know how to use this channel successfully.
  • Interviewing: Don’t get de-selected before you have a real chance. Know how to establish excellent rapport, subtly lead an interview, tell your story in a compelling manner, and make a favorable impression, every time.
  • Deal-Making: When and how to discuss terms to elicit a great offer that you will want to accept.

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