Our clients want access to the best candidates, even when they want to recruit on their own. This must include the “A” players that are now productive and satisfied (the so-called “passive” job seekers), who might be open to exploring a new opportunity. Specialty Executives provides expert consulting in candidate sourcing to help employers find these top performers. This typically includes the following:

  • Industry and Company Identification: Collaboration with employer to define key industry segments and specific companies from which the employer wants to see candidates.
  • Sourcing Road Map: Specific techniques that your recruiting team can use to identify and harvest ideal candidates.
  • Communications Campaign: We draft specific electronic communications, telephone scripts and other tools to ensure that your team will be completely effective in reaching and connecting with targeted prospects.
  • Training: We will train your recruitment team in “Headhunting 201sm” – how to recruit like a PRO.
  • Direct Recruitment: For clients without their own recruiting team, we can implement the strategic sourcing plan, monitor, track, report, and dramatically improve your results.