For executives in transition, or for those who are currently employed but wish to leverage their capability into a more rewarding career position, Specialty Executives offers executive career marketing and development consulting. Each program is custom designed for your unique needs, and typically includes:

  • Assessment of Transferable Skills: Defining the specific value you will add to your next employer. Identify Prospective…
  • Employers: Use precision targeting to identify the employers who align with your goals and can best utilize your talents.
  • Communications Tools: Most candidate inquiries, through every means of communication, fail. Let us show you how to get in the door, with specific letters, e-mails, resume format, and telephone scripts that will work for you.
  • Networking: Most executive positions really are not advertised, but created based on opportune connections. We’ll show you how to mount a successful networking campaign that has your friends (and even strangers) opening doors for you. Be part of the 5% of job seekers who know how to use this channel successfully.
  • Interviewing: Don’t get de-selected before you have a real chance. Know how to establish excellent rapport, subtly lead an interview, tell your story in a compelling manner, and make a favorable impression, every time.
  • Deal-Making: When and how to discuss terms to elicit a great offer that you will want to accept.

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