Digital Talent Introduction Platform


HireVue assists Hiring Authorities avoid “Miss – Hires” by utilizing state of the art technology to………..

  • Modernize, shorten and improve interviews processes.
  • Review a video provided by Specialty Executives in order to truly see how the “Top 5%” of candidates in your niche market place perform.
  • It allows and empowers candidates to record their responses to pre-defined interview questions via webcam.
  • You’ll save time and money by assessing candidates before bringing them in for face-to-face meetings. Saving your hiring team valuable time and reduced reimbursement for traveling expenses.

By watching HireVue’s digital candidate interviews you remove scheduling issues and bad interviews. HireVue will allow you to watch, rate and share the candidates you want with your hiring staff, on your own time. You can even watch them from your smart phone. It’s just like clicking “play” to stream your favorite movie.

HireVue’s digital candidate interview’s removes administrative hassle and puts you in control. Time kills deals. Hirevue allows you to expedite your hiring process in order to attract and hold onto “A+” talent.

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Digital Talent Introduction


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