Consistent achievement of aggressive growth goals and other critical company objectives depends upon having solid leaders who are uniquely suited to the role they play, and who are capable of producing the essential results. We ensure that our clients can maximize productivity and profitability and optimize the results from executives in key positions. Assessment projects typically include:

  1. PERFORMANCE NEEDS OF COMPANY AND POSITION: Define the company’s critical goals, along with the specific, tangible results needed from each key individual. Develop performance measurement criteria to determine success. Discover the values and beliefs the successful candidate must possess to succeed in producing the desired outcomes, and to fit in the company’s culture. Create a performance-based position profile that defines the above issues for each critical management role.
  2. ASSESS KEY LEADERS ACCORDING TO POSITION PROFILE: Determine each incumbent’s ability to produce the essential results. Determine if the incumbent’s character and personality traits align with the demands of the position, and are well suited to interaction with other executives. Examine goals, priorities, motivation, work style, etc. to find areas of congruence or disagreement with the company’s current and future needs.
  3. RECOMMENDATIONS FOR ACTION: Provide senior management with specific advice, upon which decisions can be made about each key leader’s potential. Furnish specific strategies on how to maximize the effectiveness of key individuals. Advise management on organizational changes and adjustments that would prove beneficial to the company.

Keeping an ineffective individual in a key position can be costly, perhaps fatal to the efforts of a growing company. Using the PERFORMANCE-BASED MANAGEMENT ASSESSMENT to determine a key manager’s ability to produce essential results ensures that company owners will achieve their goals in a competitive market.