Organizational consulting custom designed to reflect your needs and goals, and to achieve specific results. Our projects typically include:

  • Understanding Corporate Goals: Defining and clarifying specific, tangible, measurable goals for the company, and the level of alignment and understanding of current goals within the management team.
  • Functional Process Definition / Process Improvements: Defining how key executive work is actually performed at the company, with recommendations for improvements or changes.
  • Organization Charts: Recommending alternative organizational arrangements, with a rationale explaining the reasoning for each configuration.
  • Position Specifications: Defining the performance objectives, performance evaluation criteria, and other qualifying factors for each key position on the team. These position specifications will serve you as business plans for each key employee.
  • Evaluations: Evaluation of the people in key management positions, with our opinion as to how well each person is qualified to meet the company’s goals, and recommendations for further action.
  • Observations & Recommendations: Our organizational consulting projects always enable us to provide critical insights to senior management about how their businesses can run more efficiently and productively. We include these recommendations at no extra cost.