Headhunting 201SM (not 101 – because we know you aren’t an amateur) teaches your in-house recruitment team to do executive search like a PRO. We train our clients so well, many of them no longer need us to do search – they can do it themselves! Our training program typically includes:

  • Avoiding Mistakes: An overview of the most common recruiting errors – and how to use a best practices approach to recruitment.
  • Performance-Based Search System: In-depth review of our process, and why it works at each step. Sourcing: The “Active” recruiter can find the “passive” candidate – the top performer who is happy, productive, and NOT looking for a new job.
  • Evaluation: The critical screening and evaluation techniques that will predict success.
  • Closing: How to construct the right offer, and gain acceptance every time.
  • On-Boarding: How to facilitate the inbound transition to ensure a fast track to performance, and excellent retention.
  • Strategic Partner: How the recruiter can add value to every transaction and be an excellent internal resource to the employer.

Travis Thomas is available as a speaker on this critical topic.