“They Back Up Their Work.”

“Specialty Executives is one of the stronger Defense focused Search Firms I’ve partnered with.  Their “Defense” group worked hard on the multiple position searches we had and communicated with us throughout the process.  They seem to be very focused on quality of candidates and try to protect my time.  I highly recommend Specialty Executives expertise, […]

President Defense Manufacturing, Baltimore MD

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“I Cannot Say Enough.”

“I worked closely with Travis to understand BAE and ultimately accepted my current position. Travis and his placement firm had excellent vision into the needs at BAE and his firm worked aggressively to meet both our needs. Travis continues to assist with other key placement opportunities and has an amazing network of contacts. I cannot […]

Director Business Development, Washington DC

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“Definitely a Partner”

“Travis, your Defense Group is definitely a partner we want to continue to do business with; you have consistently performed for our Defense Engineering segment and have assisted us in filling many of our hardest to fill/find engineering positions.  I have highly recommended working with you again as we select our partners for 2011.  Lastly, […]

VP Workforce Development, Raleigh NC

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“I Was Amazed…”

“It has been an absolute pleasure working with your team. I really appreciate your hard work in getting me this position with General Dynamics. I was amazed out how detailed your team was on every step of the process. Great Job!”

VP of Engineering, MI

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